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Pink Label Barbie Dolls

1st Tier Collecting

In 2004, Barbie Collector introduced a color-coded “tier structure” system in which each tier represents an identifiable level of doll collecting, with special retail destinations and elegant packaging designed to enhance each doll’s beauty as well as clearly communicate which tier the doll belongs to.

Inspired by the innovative approach of today’s most successful designers’ in representing their fashion lines, from upscale boutiques to major department stores, each of the label colors is a way of segmenting Barbie Collector dolls and communicating where they can be found. The tiers start with Pink Label (pink being Barbie doll's signature color, of course!), then continue on to Silver Label, Gold Label, and Platinum Label, colors representing the high standards of each successive tier.

The staff at Barbie Collectibles has said that they have based the changes on input from the Barbie Collector Advisory Panel, doll dealers, and through collector interaction at conventions and doll shows. The staff has said that they have learned a lot about what Barbie doll collectors would like to see in the future. "They would like dolls to stay limited in production number yet reasonably available. They'd like us to make the collecting hobby more exciting. They'd like us to find innovative ways to feature the beauty of the dolls in packaging" said the release from Mattel this week. Overall, I think that the changes will please both collectors and Barbie dealers alike

The Barbie Collectibles staff explain the new collecting tiers as follows: "because Barbie has such a long and celebrated history with fashion, the names of the tiers have real fashion roots. Initially, the BarbieĀ® Collector team looked at some of the most successful fashion designers currently on the market. We were inspired by their innovative approach to representing their fashion lines. For example, you can go into an upscale boutique and buy an outfit from a famous designer and you can also walk into a major department store and purchase something from the same designer's more mainstream line. In a way, our new label colors are our way of segmenting our collectible dolls and communicating to you where they might be found."


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African American Pink Label Dolls

So In Style Gracey

So in style barbie
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Pink--Barbie doll's signature color - and then the additional tiers add other colors representing even higher standards like silver, gold, and platinum. The Pink Label will include fun, keepsake dolls such as the Dolls of the World - The Princess Collection and the celebrity dolls. Pink Label dolls will come packaged in a box with a clear acetate front trimmed in pink, which makes a nice display for NRFB (never removed from box) dolls.. The Pink Label dolls will not be limided in production numbers. Although all Barbie dealers can carry these dolls, shops such as Wal-Mart and are their main destination. This, I think, is the one detriment to the whole multi-tiered plan. Before, dolls like the "Diana Ross" celebrity dolls were designated as "Collector" level dolls. Pink feels like a type of "demotion" for them. And, I know that my doll shop, for instance, really doesn't want any "collectible" dolls that are designated to mainly be found at Wal Mart. Dolls such as the Princess line have always been found everywhere, and the fact that they will be at the Pink level makes sense. Have fun learning about the Black Label.