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The Beginnings of Barbie

The Legacy of Barbie

the original barbie doll

Barbara Millicent Roberts

That is the lucky girl who spawn all the buzz about the doll we all know and love, Barbie! Find out how the Barbie doll came to be created. You can watch the video of Ruth Handler (the creator of Barbie Dolls) as she tells the inspiration, hurdles and success of her invention.

The Ethnic Beginnings

the first black barbie

The First Black Barbie Doll

The first African American Barbie Doll has sparked a debt. There is often controversy about when the first Black Barbie doll was actually created. Fortunately for us, she made it and our young girls now have a baby doll that loosks like them. For the official record the beauty wearing a red jumpsuit started the collection.

Pricing Sources

Mattel does not guarantee that any product will increase in value. Some dolls increase in value, some depreciate and others remain the same. Countless books have been published about the history and evolution of Barbie® dolls, with some specifically devoted to the hobby of collecting. Such books can serve as tremendous resources, so browse your local bookseller for the most current titles available. The online trading community is another good place to obtain value information. Check Internet auction sites for completed items to get a better idea of what your dolls may be worth.

African American Barbie

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The Faces of Barbie

six different faces of the black barbie

The Molds of Black Barbie

It is no joke to say Barbie has many faces. To keep Barbie fresh Mattel had to constantly create new ideas and images for her. It is an understatement to say Black Barbie looked quit a bit like her predecessor. The Black Barbie was originally made from the original barbie mold.