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Barbara Millicent The Real Barbie

the real life family of barbie millicent

Who is Barbara Millicent

It is nearly impossible to find out exactly who Barbara Millicent Roberts is. As a matter of fact, I am not even sure her last name is "Roberts". How can we ever really be sure without obtaining birth certificates. Her mother's last name is "Handler", so you draw your own conclusions.

Ruth Handler

Her Inspiration

Ruth went to Europe and returned with a Lillie doll, to prove her point. She actually created Barbie to look like the Lillie doll.

Ruth proved her point and made a resounding echo in the industry. The Mattel agreed to back her and Barbie debuted at the American Toy Fair in New York City in 1959. That year Barbie set a incomparable bar of new sales record year.

There were 351,000 sold at $3.00 each.

Pricing Sources

Mattel does not guarantee that any product will increase in value. Some dolls increase in value, some depreciate and others remain the same. Countless books have been published about the history and evolution of Barbie® dolls, with some specifically devoted to the hobby of collecting. Such books can serve as tremendous resources, so browse your local bookseller for the most current titles available. The online trading community is another good place to obtain value information. Check Internet auction sites for completed items to get a better idea of what your dolls may be worth.

African American Barbie

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History Stats

Year Barbie 1959
Ponytail Barbies 1960
Bubblecut Barbies 1963
College Graduate Barbies 1966
Bendable leg Barbies 1967
Turning and twisting Barbies 1973
Surgeon Barbies 1976
Olympic and Ballerina Barbies 1980
Golden Dreams Barbie 2000
Celebration Barbies 2005
Harley Davidson Barbies

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