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Shopping for something that makes you happy shouldn't break your bank.There are several places you can buy Barbie Dolls. There is always the main source, which is Mattel. can lead you to all of its merchandise. If you want know whats coming out this is where you should head

Ebay Stores

The Secondary Market a great source of shopping. I will say that the doll value is going to go up and down. So I would suggest you do a little looking around. Here are few online store that sale Barbie Dolls.

O'Smileys's is a pretty good one in my opinion. I like this store becasue they offer a lot of buy now options. If you don't want to do the ebay hunt this is a good one.

Angelic Dreamz is a site I stumbbled upon a few years ago. They are an excellent seconday source for Barbie Dolls.

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That is the lucky girl who spawn all the buzz about the doll we all know and love, Barbie!


Fun Stuff

If you want to give you little one a joy, I have taken the time to search out online Barbie Games.

Now you know I would give you the great Black Barbie games. Yes, I know we all love the blonde origninal, but this is Here is the So in Style Barbie connection.
Ethnic Barbie Games with the Rocawear Barbies

Barbie Doll Gift Card


This is your chance to make a Barbie Lover really happy. You can send a Barbie Gift Card from Mattel through the Internet. puts everything at your finger tips.

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