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African American Barbies by Year

Barbies of 2010

Holiday Barbie 2010

The Lastest African Amerian Barbie Dolls

Barbies of 2007

\African American 2007 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie 2007

Barbie pick-up her edge.

Barbies of 2004

African American 2004 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie 2004

Formals and painting the town.

Barbies of 2001

2001 Holiday Celebration Barbie Doll Special Edition AA

Holiday Barbie 2001

Bringing in a new era. Barbie Shines!

Barbies of 2009

African American 2009 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie 2009

Barbie Dolls That End The Decade

Barbies of 2006

African American 2006Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie 2006

Bob Mackie designes dolls dazzle Barbie

Barbies of 2003

African American 2003 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie 2003

Barbie's Elegance rained all over this year.

Barbies of 2000

African American 2000 Barbie Doll

Holiday Barbie 2000

Bringing in the Millinum Barbie style

Barbies of 1978-1967

The first black barbie

The First Black Barbie Doll

Where it all began!

African American Barbie

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Barbies of 2008

African American 2008 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie 2008

All Hale A New Reign for Black Barbie

Barbies of 2005

African American 2005 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie 2005

The year of enlightment

Barbies of 2002

African American 2002 Holiday Barbie

Holiday Barbie 2002

Byron Lars Barbies rocked Mattel

Barbies of 1999-1978

The first African American Holiwidth=

Barbie Dolls Of The Past

The first African American Holiday Barbie