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African American Barbie Dolls of 2009

This is a list of Barbie Dolls which are the newest to the Barbie doll line. To keep from giving you a Barbie information overload, we will update the site bi-weekly. The best way to stay abreast of our new is to join the newsletter. The information gathered is collected from mutilple places. We can not garuntee all the information is 100% correct, however we do our best to sort out anything we feel will be false.
The doll in this section consist of all labels from Pink Label-Platinum Label.

We will add six new dolls each month for updates.

Description:Wearing a sleek kimono-style top with beautiful floral detailing, cropped skinny jeans, and sky high heels, this girl knows how to work it. Geisha-inspired face paint and a dramatic ‘do complete the doll’s look.
Name:Pop Life Label:Gold
Description:Rocking a Black and white printed minidress, white go-go boots, and yellow fishnets and jewelery. She is making the 60's look good.
Name:Lt. Uhura
Value:$45.00 Description: Star Trek XI tribute. She is wearing the famous red dress with the ultra sexy knee high boots


Name:Julia Doll
Label:Not Known
Description:This doll is a tribute to Diahann Carroll, who played the character on the hit TV Show titled Julia
Name:Pottery Barn Label:none
Description:nShe is a wearing the cutest pink PJs with white polk-a-dots. Her hair swooped up into a pony-tail with a white bow finishes her look.
Name:Golden Gala
Label:Not Known
Value:$45.00 Description: Wears an elegant gown of golden brocade, featuring a mermaid skirt, and vintage inspired jacket.