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African American Barbie Dolls of 2007

Black Barbie just got spicy. Hip, modern, stylish, and sophisticated is how African American Barbie dolls were portrayed in 2007. To keep from giving you a Barbie information overload, we will update the site bi-weekly. The best way to stay abreast of our new is to join the newsletter. The information gathered is collected from multiple places. We can not guarantee all the information is 100% correct, however we do our best to sort out anything we feel will be false.

We will add six new dolls each month for updates.

jazz diva barbie
Name:Jazz Diva
Description:Like a true stage queen, this doll comes complete with all the necessary accoutrements: three amazing wigs, a change of clothes, and lovely boudoir accessories.
hard rock cafe barbie
Name:Hard Rock Cafe
Description:The sassy ensemble features a tulle skirt, military-inspired jacket and knee-high boots, with a big, bold hairstyle to match.
coco barbie
Name:Co-Co Barbie
Value:$595.00 Description:Byron Lars' Chapeaux Collection, his supremely stylish siren is dressed in bold, statement-making pieces that look like they belong in the pages of the latest fashion magazines.


holiday barbie
Name:Holiday Barbie
Description:Dressed in a very merry strapless crimson gown, as “Miss Claus”
David's bridal romance
Name:Romance Label:Silver
Description: Romance Barbie doll is sublime in a wedding dress inspired by an exclusive David's Bridal design.
Robert Best barbie
Name:Special Occasion
Value:$45.00 Description:wears a ruffled chiffon gown in striking shades of turquoise, accented by silvery sparkles that catch the dancing light.