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African American Barbie Dolls of 2006

The Black Barbie stepped up her game in the year 2006. Mattel release it's first Kwanzaa Barbie and gave us some sex appeal with the African Americn On Location Barbie. To keep from giving you a Barbie information overload, we will update the site bi-weekly. The best way to stay abreast of our new is to join the newsletter. The information gathered is collected from mutilple places. We can not garuntee all the information is 100% correct, however we do our best to sort out anything we feel will be false.

We will add six new dolls each month for updates.

bob mackie barbie
Name:Bob Mackie Holiday Barbie
Black gown and white faux fur, embellished with festive multicolored stars.
kwanzaa barbie
Name:Kwanzaa Barbie Label:Pink
Description:African motif on her tunic style top, long skirt & headscarf & a beaded belt, necklace and earrings
Name:Nurse Barbie
Label:Silver Label
Value:$88.00 Description:The uniform includes crisp white, belted dress, matching cap, and blue cape.


On Location barbie
Name:Milan Barbie
Description:wearing a bathing suit with 2 additional stunning ensembles with perfect pieces to mix & match. A full skirt, matched with a golden, bowed blouse is finished with a black sweater
sugar barbie
Name:Sugar Barbie Label:Gold
Description:nowShe was created byByron Lars is the first in the Chapeaux™ Collection
pink ribbon barbie
Name:Pink Ribbon Barbie
Value:$65.00 Description:Joining the fight against breast cancer, BarbieĀ® doll wears a frothy pink organza gown