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African American Barbie Dolls of 2002

The Black Barbie dolls of 2002 put a certain type of sparkle in to the Barbie world. WIth Designers like Byron Lars, the black Baribe became a true "diva". To keep from giving you a Barbie information overload, we will update the site bi-weekly. The best way to stay abreast of our new is to join the newsletter. The information gathered is collected from mutilple places. We can not garuntee all the information is 100% correct, however we do our best to sort out anything we feel will be false.
The doll in this section consist of all labels from Pink Label-Platinum Label.

We will add six new dolls each month for updates.

black gone plaitnum barbie
Name:Gone Platinum
Description:Wearing a plunging neckline, a sheer, glittery mid-section, and criss-cross ribboning. Accessories are hoop earrings with beaded fringe, a white boa, and white glittery gloves
bryon lars mibii barbie
Name:Mbili Label:Gold
Description:highly dramatic ensemble of feathers and beads. An extraordinary, ribbed corset of multi-colored beads accents her intricately woven, backless sweater.
black twlight gayla barbie
Name:Twilight Gayla
Value:$65.00 Description: Lilac and lavender merge into a glittering swirl of charmeuse, creating a glamorous gown perfect for tonight's gala.


black society girl barbie
Name:Society Girl
Description:Dressed for another night on the town, she wears an extraordinary gown featuring a black satin top with a lace-covered skirt. Sophisticated gloves and sleek purse are her perfect accessories.
all that gitters barbie
Name:All the Glitters
Description:Second in the Diva Collection in a golden metallic chain mesh halter top, sunburst orange glitter print skirt, and a golden belt.
lingerie silkstone barbie 5th in edition
Name:Lingerie Barbie
Label:Limited Edition
Value:$140.00 Description:first-ever African-American Silkstone with a delicate black merry widow bustier with pink bow accent. Her matching robe offers alluring cover. Golden hoop earrings and high heels.