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African American Barbie Dolls of 2000

Black Barbie dolls of 2000 were started with the Millennium Barbie holding the 2000 Barbie Christmas ornament. . To keep from giving you a Barbie information overload, we will update the site biweekly. The best way to stay abreast of our new is to join the newsletter. The information gathered is collected from multiple places. We can not guarantee all the information is 100% correct, however we do our best to sort out anything we feel will be false.
The doll in this section consist of all labels from Pink Label-Platinum Label.

We will add six new dolls each month for updates.

african american 2000 celebration barbie
Name:2000 Celebrate
Description:Wears a silhouette-style halter gown, which is embellished with rhinestones and ends in a slightly flared hem.  Silvery glitter star bursts and the year "2000"
Black Millenniun Barbie
Name:Millennium Label:Special
Description:She is wearing a gold gown with a full skirt and a white taffeta underskirt. She has a white fur collar on the shiny gold bodice of the dress. Holding an Ornament.
African American Sydney Olympic Barbie
Name:Sydney Olympic
Value:$112.00 Description: Barbie doll is honored to take part in the awesome spirit of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games by joining the countless number of Olympic pin collectors in the world.


black president barbie
Description:Wears a royal blue jacket and skirt combination with blue stockings and pumps. Her jewelry consists of a tasteful pearl necklace and earring.
aa timeless silhouette barbie
Name:Timeless Silhouette
Description:Avon Exclusive Black & Pink dress with Barbie Motif print Classique Collection Romantic Interlude.
Black Film Nior Barbie
Name:Film Nior
Value:$275.00 Description: Very rare only 400 made. wears a pink and black strapless evening gown with a big bow& train in back & slit in front . Striking accessories include long white gloves, black fishnet hose, and bracelet, earrings, and necklace.